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Carl Cieka - 2011
The Bodyharmonics Centre is a small, friendly, intimate college, set in a peaceful, tranquil setting where staff and students mix freely and openly. The course is hands-on from day one and although the theory is comprehensive and in-depth, it always relates to the clinical practice of acupuncture. The college principle, Maria Mercati is tireless in her quest to train students to become excellent, safe and caring practitioners. Her passion and enthusiasm for acupuncture knows no bounds. More info

Zena Farrington - 2009
My story studying Acupuncture how it has changed my life. It all started in Nov 06 when I enrolled in a 3-year degree course part time and working fulltime. I did my first year and was lucky to be in a class with wonderfully students all-enthusiastic about TCM. More info

Nick Lowe - 2012 to 2013
I first came to Body Harmonics as I had many friends around the country enrolled in the various Acupuncture degree programs who were very dissatisfied with their studies at University. I was happy that I was thrown in to a hands on experiential approach to learning so you can begin developing a skill set very early on.
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Stephen Johnston - 2002 to 2004 qualified in all our courses
“When I started training with Maria and her team at The Bodyharmonics Center I was both a graduate and a former college lecturer who had become quite cynical about the way in which education is delivered.

If only all educational places could adopt this approach to teaching and learning! More info

Claudia WalkerClaudia Walker 2004 - 2008
Dip. BODYHARMONICS Acupuncture - Tui Na Master - Paediatric Tui Na - Thai Master - Indonesian Massage

Between 2004 and 2008 I have successfully completed all courses at the Bodyharmonics Center and have been to China with Maria for two weeks of clinical observation. More info
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Alan Orr - 1997
"I have been teaching martial arts for many years & have travelled the world to find the right teachers in the time. You really cannot miss the opportunity to study with the right teachers when you find them.
Having access to the years of knowledge that Maria holds and shares is a true gift!" More info

Caroline Legg -2012
Qualified in A&P, Module 1 - Tui Na foundation, Module 2 - Tui Na Masters & Module 3 - Acupuncture. CPD days in Wrist & Ankle microsystems & electro acupuncture all at the Bodyharmonics School
Upon starting the Tui Na and Acupuncture course with Maria I was obviously very excited that finally I had moved into the healing sector and that I would soon be self employed. However I did not realise how empowering it would become, while I can help friends, family and clients it is myself that is healing the most. It is truely amazing to be able to treat yourself with Acupuncture when you are ill emotionally and physically. My outlook on life is so much more positive now, as I know I have the right tools to be able to cope with any amount of stress and other ailments. If i had only of known this before I spent thousands of pounds, (much more than Maria's course fees), on trying to find an answer to my health issues. I now have found the answer, my life is so much more positive and enjoyable, I am mentally a lot more relaxed, aches and pains who cares, I don't worry now, I can heal it myself, what a feeling!

Carol Aspinall - 2012
I joined the Bodyharmonics Acupuncture Course   2012 after completing the first year of a degree which had left me mentally and emotionally drained. I was really not enjoying it and my enthusiasm for acupuncture was eroding. Fees would also be increasing and I knew this would cause difficulty in the future. This is not to say that the Bodyharmonics course is an easy option, it takes hard work and dedication, but it is fulfilling and fun. More info

Sean Reidy - 2013
sean reidy testimonialMy name is Sean Reidy and i recently completed Level 1 - Tui Na and Module 3 - Traditional Chinese Acupuncture at Bodyharmonics. I travelled over and back from Nice in France to avail of the opportunity to study and learn from Maria and her team at Bodyharmonics. I came from a sports massage backround  with 14 years experience and was always looking for that something extra to take my work to the next level. In the past I spent 4 years working as a therapist for Riverdance and I also worked for the McLaren formula 1 team for 2 seasons. So my background was already quite strong in terms of treating musculoskeletal injuries.
Travelling over and back from Nice was quite a commitment initially, but I now recognise it to have been probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. More info

John F. Pfaff, AB, MBA, PhD, CFP 2007
Acupuncture Diploma, Professor Emeritus

Great teacher, great teaching technique, and tremendous individual support are just a few of the key to take of Maria Mercati’s acupuncture course. From the first session you develop your confidence with hands on practical clinical training. You not only acquire the skill to use acupuncture needling effectively to help others but master the ability to diagnose the appropriate treatment within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) framework through case work ups on real people. More info

Chris Payne - 2009/10
Qualified in Modules 1, 2 & 3. Having gone throughChris receiving acupuncture treatment
the incredible training that Maria's courses offer.
I cannot imagine how any other institution could be as thorough and interesting as the two and a half years I spent studying both Tui Na and Acupuncture at Bodyharmonics.
Photo - Chris receiving acupuncture as a student.
More info

Elizabeth Cave - 2006
During my initial training I developed a great interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and so decided that acupuncture was the way forward. Having researched many other courses at universities and specialist schools, I eventually spoke to Maria to discover that this course provided a very natural progression from one therapy to the next while not presuming to take over as a form of therapy. The use of tui na or shiatsu alongside the acupuncture in clinical practice is actively encouraged, where appropriate. More info

Fiona Hurlock - 2008
Maria Mercati’s acupuncture course is a real hands-on experience. As a shiatsu practitioner I truly value the emphasis she has placed upon the practical application of acupuncture as the main focus for her course. I was able to integrate acupuncture into my shiatsu practice with immediate and positive effect. Maria’s enthusiasm and love of real Chinese acupuncture as practiced right now in Chinese hospitals is inspiring, and her belief in the efficacy of this dynamic style of acupuncture is extremely motivating. The intense nature of the course creates a wonderful opportunity to develop strong, supportive friendships and provides a network for continued development and support post graduation.

Students at a recent Bodyharmonics course (2004)Patrick Ross 2003
Overall Comments: (far right >)

  1. This is a well-thought out and comprehensive course in Acupuncture.
  2. It is an ambitious course and I found it hugely enjoyable, More info


Dr Nudrat Jabeen
"Being a medical doctor, I had my reservations about how I would cope with this new system of treatment. But hats off to Maria she made it so simple & easy to learn. You can blend acupuncture with western medicine because we do not have treatment option for everything in Western medicine plus there are horrifying side effects in medicine "

Romano Daversa - 2012
Qualified sports therapist completed Module 3 - Acupuncture
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. During the last 11 months I have learned so much. You have a way of making a very dry subject very interesting. Thanks for always listening, being patient, dynamic and in a good mood. I felt proud to have you as my teacher. A big thankyou to Trevor and Graham for being so supportive

Romana Philips - 2009
This course was great for me because as a qualified nurse I didn’t have to do the foundation modules but could go straight to the acupuncture module, which made the course affordable for me. The part time nature of the course meant that I could fit it around my full time job. Undertaking this course was a big time commitment for the year, but it was definitely worth it. I have now reduced my NHS hours and I’m doing one day per week acupuncture privately, which I hope to increase until I can leave the NHS behind me!
I would definitely recommend this course to any other nurses who want to branch out into private practice, but don’t underestimate the amount of time and study that is needed to achieve it.

Lynne Rhodes - 2007 Msc Nursing

I made the decision to start the acupuncture course in an attempt to find a pain relief that the Western Biomedical model of medicine could not provide. I had been working in an outpatient department at a busy University Hospital with daily patient traffic in excess of 600 patients per day. More info