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Medical Acupuncture Course

Acupuncture Module 3

Many medically qualified practitioners are becoming aware of how successfully the Chinese integrate Acupuncture with Western Medicine and would like to be able top adopt this for the benefit of their patients. The usual 2- 5 day medical acupuncture courses do not teach acupuncture as it is done in China. Our course gives you the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

The medical acupuncture course means qualified persons such as doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists, physiotherapists, homeopaths and nurses etc can go straight into Acupuncture Module 3.

23 days = 184 contact hours. Homework, private study hours - 266 hours
Practical homework hours 100 spent doing case studies

picture of medical acupuncture course featuring a dentist and osteopath

"Our acupuncture course has a strong focus on diagnosis and the formulation of needling prescriptions."

picture: Maddie is a dental surgeon, Tom is an osteopath

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picture of students undertaking acupuncture trainingthe acupuncture training course has lots of hands on practical experience

( you can't see the needles!)

picture: in order. Tom - osteopath, Jerry - sports therapist, Sean - engineer, Jason - psychiatric nurse.

Dr Nudrat Jabeen 2006
"Being a medical doctor, I had my reservations about how I would cope with this new system of treatment. But hats off to Maria she made it so simple & easy to learn. You can blend acupuncture with western medicine because we do not have treatment option for everything in Western medicine plus there are horrifying side effects in medicine "

Romana Philips - 2009
This course was great for me because as a qualified nurse I didn’t have to do the foundation modules but could go straight to the acupuncture module, which made the course affordable for me. The part time nature of the course meant that I could fit it around my full time job. Undertaking this course was a big time commitment for the year, but it was definitely worth it. I have now reduced my NHS hours and I’m doing one day per week acupuncture privately, which I hope to increase until I can leave the NHS behind me!
I would definitely recommend this course to any other nurses who want to branch out into private practice, but don’t underestimate the amount of time and study that is needed to achieve it.

Joe Cockburn 2007
Registered with Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists ( AACP ) The course has exceeded all my expectations and I really appreciate the one to one practical aspects of the course

Lynne Rhodes - 2007 MSC Nursing
I made the decision to start the acupuncture course in an attempt to find a pain relief that the Western Biomedical model of medicine could not provide. I had been working in an outpatient department at a busy University Hospital with daily patient traffic in excess of 600 patients per day. More info

picture of Maria Mercati's best selling Tuina book, published in many languages

Maria Mercati is the best selling author of 166,000 copies in many languages

My medical acupuncture course is founded on the application of traditional Chinese Medical theory to the practical situation which is always supervised. Students do lots of private study to achieve the standards required for safe and effective practice.

I feel it's very important to give each student the opportunity to practice needling each acu-point, accurately, deeply and experience first hand the unique different effects and sensations.

Most of the other schools do not give you this hands-on training and tend to teach basic TCM theory as an academic exercise since practical clinical acupuncture only comes in much later in the course. However long the course, understanding the complexities of TCM takes a lifetime of study.

The BODYHARMONICS Diploma enables you to practice professionally in the UK and gain insurance through Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council - AcuC.

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