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Acupuncture Training Course for Sports Therapists.

The Bodyharmonics Acupuncture training course provides sports therapists with the ability to transform their treatment potential with the use of acupuncture as it is done in China.

Acupuncture Module 3 - Acupuncture Diploma

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At present there is no statutory regulation of acupuncture with the result that there are orthopaedic acupuncture courses on offer as short as 6-12 days. This is too short to achieve the acupuncture theory and skills that we consider essential for treating sports injuries. Back injuries in particular, require specialist treatment.

electro acupuncture for sports injuries

Our course will give you Acupuncture skills that will speed your patient's recovery from injury and boost their subsequent performance. You will be a better and more successful therapist.

Acupuncture enables you to treat injuries that Sports Therapy alone would treat more slowly and less successfully. It also treats persistent chronic conditions by treating the underlying energetic problems that cause them. Acupuncture can treat the following:

Acupuncture is a practical skill which needs lots of practical experience

Our acupuncture training course gives each student the opportunity to practice needling specific acu-points, accurately and deeply. Students also get to experience first hand the unique different effects and sensations.

picture of acupuncture treatmentOur carefully controlled acupuncture point combinations are practised both in class and used for your out-of-class case studies. They help you build up mega confidence in treating musculo-skeletal conditions as well as internal problems.

Most other schools do not give you this hands-on training and tend to teach basic TCM theory as an academic exercise. Practical clinical acupuncture only comes in much later in the course. However long the course, understanding the complexities of TCM takes a lifetime of study.



picture of Cupping technique used in conjunction with acupuncture

Cupping can be used on its own or after acupuncture to effectively treat several conditions.

This acupuncture training course is accredited by the Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council.

picture of Maria Mercati's best selling Tuina book, published in many languages

Maria Mercati is the best selling author of 166,000 copies of her Tui Na book which has been translated into many languages. Excellent as an introduction to meridians and acupoints.