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Stop Press: at last the Government have finally decided on the regulation of acupucture, herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine - see here

Why choose Bodyharmonics for your acupuncture courses and training in massage therapy?

picture of Maria Mercati treating a patientThe BODYHARMONICS® Centre of Oriental Medicine was founded by Maria Mercati in 1992 to provide treatment and training to the highest possible standards in traditional Oriental healing systems.

The solid experience behind Bodyharmonics

Maria's methods have been developed from her many periods of study in China (13 times) Indonesia and Thailand working with the leading experts in their respective fields since the late 1970's. She has been immersed in Oriental medicine for 30 years.

Indonesian massage became part of her life during her four year period in Bandung, where she was taught by traditional & blind experts. She furthered her acupuncture knowledge and refined her Tui Na techniques under several prominent Chinese doctors at the famous Yue-Yang hospital in Shanghai, and hospitals in Weihai, Shanxxi College of TCM, and the Shandong University Hospital of TCM. In Thailand she studied at the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok and at the massage hospital in Chiang Mai.

She has achieved outstanding results with thousands of patients and brings this wealth of practical experience to all her courses.

Maria's Qualifications:

  • BA (Hons) 1994
  • Diploma Shiatsu (Bristol School of Shiatsu - 3 year course) 1994
  • Certs. Tui Na (Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine -TCM - 4 weeks) 1992
  • Certs. Tui Na (Shanghai College of TCM 2 weeks) January 1993
  • Cert. Acupuncture (Xiangshan Hospital of TCM Shanghai - 7 weeks) May 1993
  • Cert. Acupuncture (Weihai Hospital of TCM - 3 weeks) 1996
  • Cert. Acupuncture (Xian College of TCM - 6 weeks) 1997
  • Cert. Master Tung's - Robert Chu 2010. Cert. Dr Tan's Balance Method 2014
  • Certs. Advanced Acupuncture (Shangdong College of TCM) 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013
  • Cert. Foundation in Counselling (Gloucestershire College - 1 year) 1989
  • ITEC Holistic Massage with A&P - 1991
  • Massage training Institute (MTI) 1992
  • ITEC Tutor Recognition & Registration (1994)
  • Cert. Adult Education Teacher (Gloucestershire College - 1 year) 2002

Your training at Bodyharmonics will directly benefit from her experiences as if you had done the Eastern rounds yourself without all the stress and expense. Maria will answer your questions and share her insights with you, including advice on running a successful practice.

If I do the Acupuncture course, will it be recognised when regulation takes place?

Students who have gained a Bodyharmonics acupuncture diploma can have membership & insurance from which is a voluntary regulatory body with a rigid code of safe and effective practice.
Maria Mercati is currently representing Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council (AcuC) at the Acupuncture Stake Holders Group meetings and at the Microsystems Acupuncture Regulatory Group . They are both planning and co-ordinating the future regulation of acupuncture in the UK.
At present there is no government legislation in the UK covering Acupuncture. It is unlikely to come into effect for some time. When it does, those who are qualified acupuncturists on AcuC will almost certainly be accepted.
“The Department of Health (England) Working Group for the statutory regulation of acupuncture, are recommending that members of a voluntary regulatory body (AcuC) be automatically transferred to the statutory acupuncture register when it is established.”

What is the difference between Maria's acupuncture course and a 3 year BAac course?

Oriental Medicine is evolving in the UK

Maria's pioneering work has been to develop a system of integrated Oriental bodywork with acupuncture.

The result has been a unique and powerful fusion for the control of pain and the promotion and maintenance of good health. This ground breaking work has probably made her the most authoritative and innovative teacher in this field today.

Students come from all over the world to benefit from her individualised and highly effective training style which you will personally benefit from on her courses - and so will the patients you subsequently treat of course....

Why do Maria's qualifications make this course special?

Apart from the three year British Acupuncture Council courses, most other courses now teaching Tui Na, Thai or Acupuncture have copied and modified my original ideas on course structures. In their literature, they copiously borrow from my writings about oriental therapies.

Maria Mercati has built a national and international reputation and recognition for Bodyharmonics qualifications as follows:

The World Federation of Chinese Medicine (WFCM)

Maria Mercati was invited to attend the establishment conference of WFCM in Beijing in September 2003 where she was elected as a council member for the United Kingdom. The objectives of the organisation are:

The BODYHARMONICS School was a founding member of EURO-TCM*

Maria Mercati was involved as a committee member for 3 years in both ECO-TCM (European colleges of TCM) in helping to standardize Tui Na and Acupuncture.

For the duration of its existence, EURO TCM worked to further the unification of educational programs and procedures for teaching, examining and accrediting TCM in Europe. EURO TCM considered the Bodyharmonics Tui Na courses the best training available in Europe.
(*TCM is defined as the Chinese way of doing Tui Na, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs & Qigong )

International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)

Maria Mercati was appointed by ITEC in 1997 for a five year period to write the original syllabuses & examination papers for Tui Na, Thai & Indonesian massage as a pilot scheme to establish standards for these Oriental bodywork treatments.

The course materials, structure and exam papers are the copyright of the BODYHARMONICS Centre. Other ITEC affiliated colleges and schools do not offer Tui Na or Thai courses based on these syllabuses.