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Acupuncture courses

Develop a career with Bodyharmonics acupuncture courses - geared to get you working professionally. This page will have just what you need to understand all the available options open to you on the web.

Extend your career options with acupuncture courses at Bodyharmonics

Look inside the course below - of all the acupuncture courses in the UK, it is the only one that teaches you to practise safe and effective acupressure/acupuncture from day one to build your confidence in treating with hands and needles.

Acupuncture Courses - start from the position which matches your experience

Acupuncture Courses for Beginners - learn and understand the complexities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory as you progress to clinical acupuncture. Course covers study in both theory and practical here

Acupuncture Courses for qualified Medical & Registered Healthcare professionals (doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, homeopaths, nurses, dentists etc) to master TCM diagnosis and use Maria's unique combinations of acupoints for effective treatments and pain here

Acupuncture Courses for Qualified Shiatsu practitioners - go straight to practical needling skills as you will already know the TCM and meridian theory here

Acupuncture Courses for Qualified Sports Therapists - The Bodyharmonics Acupuncture study course provides options for sports therapists here

Of all the acupuncture courses in the UK, Bodyharmonics is the only one run by Maria Mercati. She has been a practitioner and teacher of acupuncture since 1992 and is held in high esteem by her peers in China and Europe. Her emphasis on practical skills and relevant theory enables you to confidently achieve the highest standards of safe and competent practice - leading to a satisfying, fulfilling, professional career with excellent earning capabilities.

" You will have immeasurable self confidence after completing the course, which all my acupuncture degree friends have since commented on, and found surprising." - Carol Aspinall 2012

Students who previously have been on 3 year BAaC degree courses and have joined our acupuncture courses, say that "Maria Mercati's course is highly intensive and balanced, seeming to focus on all the essentials and leaving out all the padding that I have in the past been accustomed to".

picture of Maria Mercati's best selling Tuina book, published in many languages

Maria Mercati is the best selling author of 166,000 copies of her Tui Na book which has been translated into many languages. Excellent as an introduction to meridians and acupoints.