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Student testimonials on Bodyharmonics courses

Carl Cieka

Having spent almost a year studying acupuncture at a major
UK University, it was a welcome relief to find there is an alternative to vast
lecture theatres, oversized classes and impersonal teaching staff obsessed
with the Harvard Referencing System and SPSS statistical analysis!

The Bodyharmonics Centre is a small, friendly, intimate college, set in a
peaceful, tranquil setting where staff and students mix freely and openly. The
course is hands-on from day one and although the theory is comprehensive
and in-depth, it always relates to the clinical practice of acupuncture. The
college principle, Maria Mercati is tireless in her quest to train students to
become excellent, safe and caring practitioners. Her passion and enthusiasm
for acupuncture knows no bounds.

The workload is immense and the course highly challenging, however, the
rewards are equally immense and the results achieved in clinical practice, can
be simply amazing!

Students at a recent Bodyharmonics course (2004)John F. Pfaff, AB, MBA, PhD, CFP, Acupuncture Diploma
Professor Emeritus
Acupunturisto, Canary Islands

Great teacher, great teaching technique, and tremendous individual support are just a few of the key to take of Maria Mercati’s acupuncture course. From the first session you develop your confidence with hands on practical clinical training. You not only acquire the skill to use acupuncture needling effectively to help others but master the ability to diagnose the appropriate treatment within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) framework through case work ups on real people.

Maria’s personal commitment to TCM and acupuncture, her willingness to share her personal successful techniques with her students, and the needling homework assignments that you work on under individual supervision in class before doing on your own ensure that that you can begin to build a successful practice while studying. I know of no other program that permits you to develop your practice while studying.

Having been a professor and dean for over 30 years, I wish very teacher and program could be as effective, supportive and successful in preparing students to function in the work environment. Her books are an excellent indication of the clarity of her teaching methodology. If you have enjoyed the books, you will enjoy her in person even more.

The other students were mature, motivated people who were serious, dedicated and willing to acquiring as much knowledge and skill as they could as quickly as they could. They were willing to share there experiences and supported each other in class and between class sessions. If you are prepared to make the commitment and do the assignments, you will have an excellent, practical TCM and acupuncture education and prepare a solid foundation of a successful practice.

I have retired and used the skills acquired in Maria’s program to develop a practice that has meet my very expectation … personal satisfaction, confident and effective care of others, and financial income.

Stephen Johnston:
(Stephen has qualified in all our courses)
“When I started training with Maria and her team at The Bodyharmonics Center I was both a graduate and a former college lecturer who had become quite cynical about the way in which education is delivered.

If only all educational places could adopt this approach to teaching and learning!

When it came to learning acupuncture I could have opted to study to degree level. However I was clear that what I wanted was to learn to do acupuncture, and do it effectively, not to talk, write or theorise about it as an academic subject. So I studied here. Maria's course surpassed my expectations.

My only regret is that now that I have completed all of the courses on offer I will not be exposed to the inspirational atmosphere that is Bodyharmonics, anything like as often. Thank you all for giving me so much that works, and for doing so with real integrity.”

Alan Orr:
(Alan has qualified in our Tui Na Foundation & Masters & Acupuncture courses)

A life changing experience! The skills I learnt at the Bodyharmonics Centre have allowed me to build a very successful practice in London. I could have never achieved this without the excellent teaching I received on the courses. Maria Mercati is truly an inspiration!
After now having10 years of clinical practise since learning from Maria at the Bodyharmonics Centre, I can without doubt confirm that the standard of the courses that are offered at the Centre are second to none. Nobody as done more too bring this amazing skill to the western world. Over the years now, more people having started teaching Tui Na courses. But none of these courses even come close to the standard of the courses taught on the Bodyharmonics syllabus. Maria has developed courses that give you the Loin’s share of skills taught in China, but with much more. She has not only taken her endless experience of Tui Na but also her passion for teaching and promoting a high understanding of the practical skills needed.

I have been teaching martial arts for many years and have travelled the world to find the right teachers in the time. You really cannot miss the opportunity study with the right teachers when you find them. Having access to the years of knowledge that Maria holds and shares is a true gift!

I have never felt so excited about learning anything until I studied with Maria. The combination of learning such a deep understanding of skill and the determination of excellence at the Bodyharmonics Centre will infuse you will the will to succeed in life.

Elizabeth Cave:
(Elizabeth has qualified in acupuncture)

When I began my training in acupuncture with Bodyharmonics I was already a qualified Shiatsu therapist. After a number of years I found myself less enthused to practice, not because of the therapy itself but simply by the strain it was putting on my own energy (and my knees!).

During my initial training I developed a great interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and so decided that acupuncture was the way forward. Having researched many other courses at universities and specialist schools, I eventually spoke to Maria to discover that this course provided a very natural progression from one therapy to the next while not presuming to take over as a form of therapy. The use of tui na or shiatsu alongside the acupuncture in clinical practice is actively encouraged, where appropriate.

TCM and traditional needling techniques are paramount in Maria’s teaching. The course is structured in such a way that the learning from both an academic and a practical perspective consistently builds upon strong, repeatedly reinforced foundations. With each weekend the students’ knowledge and needling skills are gradually expanded. Having progressed through the usual academic route of school examinations and degrees, I can confirm that the teaching is to a very high standard. The learning environment is relaxed yet lively and all the teachers clearly have so much enthusiasm and genuine love for their subjects that this is one of the best courses I have ever attended in terms of sheer fun!

While a grounding in TCM is undoubtedly an advantage it is not an absolute pre-requisite. Although passionate about oriental medicine in its many forms, Maria is very open to other areas of expertise and my course found a healthy mix of medical professionals from many different backgrounds.

Liz Cunningham:
I would like to say to both yourself and Trevor how grateful I am to have received my Tui Na, Thai and Indonesian massage training within the Mercati family. I think you're a shining light to us all not only in the way you conduct your business, but the care you take of your own. You are the most selfless person I have ever had the privilege to have met, and I will always be proud to say who trained me.

Student testimonials on Bodyharmonics courses