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Testimonial for Bodyharmonics Courses

picture of Alan Orr - former student of Bodyharmonics and now successful practitionerAlan Orr:

(Alan started in 1997 and qualified in 1998 in our Tui Na Foundation & Masters, Indonesian Massage & Acupuncture courses)

"A life changing experience! The skills I learnt at the Bodyharmonics Centre have allowed me to build a very successful practice in London. I could have never achieved this without the excellent teaching I received on the courses. Maria Mercati is truly an inspiration!

After now having 10 years of clinical practise since learning from Maria at the Bodyharmonics Centre, I can without doubt confirm that the standard of the courses that are offered at the Centre are second to none. Nobody has done more too bring this amazing skill to the Western world.

Over the years now, more people having started teaching Tui Na courses. But none of these courses even come close to the standard of the courses taught on the Bodyharmonics syllabus. Maria has developed courses that give you the Lion’s share of skills taught in China, but with much more. She has not only taken her endless experience of Tui Na but also her passion for teaching and promoting a high understanding of the practical skills needed.

I have been teaching martial arts for many years and have travelled the world to find the right teachers in the time. You really cannot miss the opportunity to study with the right teachers when you find them. Having access to the years of knowledge that Maria holds and shares is a true gift!

I have never felt so excited about learning anything until I studied with Maria. The combination of learning such a deep understanding of skill and the determination of excellence at the Bodyharmonics Centre will infuse you will the will to succeed in life.