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China in her handsChina in her hands
Daily Mail 1995 - Jane Alexander on "Ancient massage that will rock and roll away your pain".

How to mend a broken heartHow to Mend a Broken Heart
Sarah Stacey investigates your health problems. Featured in the You magazine April 2003. Acupuncture can help with emotional as well as physical pain.

Ancient medicine inspires family to spread the wordAncient medicine inspires family to spread the word
Gloucestershire Echo - Chinese wisdom is being spread across the western world thanks to one Cheltenham woman. Owen Adams found out how an ancient form of massage changed the life of Maria Mercati and her family.

The essential family touchThe essential family touch
You · Ultimate Health, February 11 by Jerome Burne. Massage is a new way to help you heal heartache, anger, fear and depression.

Fending off February's illsFending off February's ills
Daily Telegraph, February 6, 1996. This time of year is a low spot for most people - but remedies are at hand. Christine Doyle finds ways to stay fit.

Press to destressPress to Destress
Daily Mail, Saturday August 31, 1996. A new way to help you heal heartache, anger, fear and depression - by Jane Alexander.

More than a massageMore than a Massage
Marie Claire, Nov 2000. Fresh approaches to massage are taking off in Britain.

Vogue treatment May 2001Vogue Treatment
Review in Vogue May 2001. Gina Mercati of Bodyharmonics promotes healing with a unique combination of massage treatments...

Pressing away the painPressing away the pain
Limited Edition, September 2001. Claire Bourke tries out the ancient healing massage technique of Tui Na.

Hands off - TV Quick 2001 featuring Paul McCartneyHands Off Review in TV Quick 2001. Working as a masseuse at the exclusive Caribbean island resort of Parrot Cay, Danella Mercarti spent her days easing away the stress of A-list celebs...

Here's Health - What is Thai?What is Thai?As featured in Here's Health magazine, this review reveals the strong ayurvedic, yogic and Chinese influences of this therapy.

What is tui na?What is Tui Na? As featured in Here's Health magazine, this review reveals this massage as a complete healing system and the most tried and tested hands-on therapy in the world.

Messages around the globeMassages From Around The Globe
Daily Express, September 2003. "Joyce Walter discovers some of the exotic massages available in the UK and finds out how you can follow their healing principles in the comfort of your own home."

Chinese special that grabbed GywnethChinese Special that Grabbed Gwyneth
Daily Express June 2003. Oscar winner Gywneth Paltrow enjoys Tui Na massage. Lucy Miller finds out.

The best stress beatersThe best stress beaters
Daily Express February 1996 - Chinese massage treatment that provides excellent relief for a stiff neck and shoulders