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TCM - Chinese Healthcare Sample DVD

In 2000, I made my eighth trip to China accompanied by my daughter Gina and a professional cameraman. The aim of the trip was to film material that could be edited into a five part series on Traditional Chinese Medicine in its own cultural context of 21st Century China.

Maria MercatiI first went to Shanghai in 1992 and over the years whilst studying Chinese Medicine, built up friendly relationships with Chinese doctors in hospitals around the country. This gave me an entree to hospitals that I as a Westerner would have found almost impossible to achieve since the Chinese are very protective and secretive about their traditional medicine.

My aim was to film the 5 different branches of traditional medicine in action. I believe my in-depth experience of first hand traditional medicine is unique and the footage that I have acquired reflects this. Over the course of this series, I introduce a different way of overcoming and preventing illness.

I show Chinese medicine in action in all its different forms and how incredibly effective it is especially when used in combination and all this without any side effects.

Watch video featuring snippets from all 5 of the Chinese Healthcare DVDs available in the online shop. For acupuncturists, tuina therapists, herbalists, qigong and tai chi practitioners