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picture of Tui na DVD make a truly unique baby gift idea If you are looking for a unique baby gift idea to celebrate a new arrival, then what better could you give than an instructional DVD teaching traditional Chinese massage techniques for new borns and infants up to 6 years old.

The parents can learn these massage techniques to prevent and relieve troublesome conditions such as colic, restlessness and constipation that can make life fraught for both them and baby.

Let's face it - clothes, a mobile or a teddy bear don't make a unique baby gift idea because that's what everyone else is getting! Your baby gift will be remembered as the way that peace and harmony was brought into the house for years to come - in fact these techniques are applicable to infants up to six years old.

Baby tui na Chinese massage for the natural relief of conditions such as colicWhat makes this baby gift so unique?

The techniques demonstrated by renowned expert Maria Mercati are truly meant for babies, not adults. Chinese medicine centres around the healthy free passage of Qi (chi) along channels in the body. These channels don't develop adult characteristics until the child is six to seven years old.

It's only at this point the practices of acupuncture and adult orientated Tui Na become applicable for the developed system of channels known as meridians. Before this point, the child or baby needs techniques especially for their immature meridian systems.

These DVDs clearly demonstrate the gentle hands on treatments that promote great bonding experiences for parents and babies alike. All of the unique baby gift DVDs teach parents, grandparents and babysitters how to help Qi to flow free and naturally thus ensuring health for the children.

Unique baby gift idea for the treatment ofinfants and babies from common conditions like colic, restlessness and asthma.Acupuncture, herbs and "Tui Na" massage form the drug free, natural treatments of traditional Chinese medicine. The tried and tested baby health therapies featured on the DVDs have been practised by parents from the Oriental countries for thousands of years and truly represent a unique baby gift idea to give anyone.

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You can order the DVDs from the online shop which has exclusive stockist status and operates 128 bit secure ordering system for your personal shopping safety. Make yours a gift that will delight now, and for every child the parents have in the future. This makes a truly big difference to the enjoyment of bringing up a child!