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Baby Tui Na Chinese Massage

Tui Na Chinese massage is a natural treatment for babies & children that re-establishes Qi (energy) balance when it has been disturbed.

Total Infant Health (119mins)

DVD for drug free, natural baby healthcareThis DVD demonstrates Maria Mercati's unique whole body healthcare routine using powerful infant Tui Na techniques to keep your baby and child (0-6) healthy.

Tui Na is an extremely effective, natural, drug free Chinese massage treatment. Maria Mercati is a world renowned expert in Oriental medicine and thousands of parents have already benefited from her instructional DVD range.
They contribute to your baby's physical, mental and emotional development. Tui Na provides a rewarding touch based experience for babies and parents alike.

Best Buy for a clever, strong and healthy child - birth to six years. 100% organic because you want the very best for your child.


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Drug free baby tuina massage instruction DVD