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Liz Phelps - qualified as Thai Master Practitioner with BodyharmonicsLiz Phelps - Thai Massage Practitioner, qualified 2010
Dear Maria and Peter In January I graduated from your Thai Massage course and today, I have received an endorsement about my thai massage that means more than anything and proves to me that not only did I pick the right course to learn, I also was priviledged to have 2 of the best teachers anyone could wish for. Today, I massaged a Thai lady who although has lived in this country for a number of years has only ever had thai massage when returning for holidays to thailand - she had picked up my leaflet and and her husband contacted me and booked the appt, so I had no idea she was Thai. As soon as she walked into my treatment room and took out her little pair of thai pyjamas, I was so nervous and thought oh dear am I up to the job? - she is certain to know if I make any slip ups, what if I can't give her the pressure she needs etc etc - I didn't let her know that of course and concentrated on giving her the very best massage I could ..... when I had finished she thanked me with tears in her eyes and said she felt mentally and physically relaxed for the first time in ages and it was wonderful, she would come again and recommend me to her friends. That is a true testament to the authenticity of the course you teach and the quality of the teaching.

Liz Phelps qualified with Bodyharmonics School as a Thai Master PractitionerI feel confident in my knowledge and am currently working closely with a chiropractor who although has 20 years experience in his field, and I have only been qualified a short time, will ask my opinion as to a patients treatment and will refer his patients to me as part of their overall treatment plan - If I had not had the depth of knowledge and understanding of treating problems that is contained in your course I don't think these people would even give me the time of day - I am proud to be able to say that I trained with you and know that my clients are benefitting from the experience that both you and Peter have and are willing to pass on to your students. Thank you Liz