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Thai Massage Course Testimonials

Sonali - 11/03/2006

I would like to thank you for the fantastic thai yoga massage course. Having attended courses in Bangkok and Chaing Mai, I was able to compare the benefits of your individual style with the styles in Thailand. Your course was most certainly more holistic, creative and informative compared to the rigid styles in Thailand. I learnt how to tailor make a massage session to suit the individual I was working with, rather than use a rigid routine on every individual. This helps me to enjoy giving the massage even more and thus, helping people even more. Your unique style, which combines the northern and southern thai massage styles along with some Tuina as well, is uncomparably inspiring. I learnt that as every individual is unique, every massage must be individual as well. On the course we learnt so many techniques that I could spend two hours just on a clients legs!

As far as the teaching goes, the teacher was clear, informative and thorough. I felt that he allowed the students to make mistakes and then showed them how to correct them. Thereby helping us to learn how "not" to use techniques. He did not spoon feed the students but allowed us to explore the techniques in our own way. We all felt relaxed which is so important in order to relax the people we were massaging. He gave us the confidence and reassurance that we needed and we enjoyed coming to class everyday. We learnt how to gently but most effectively loosen up and energise a body.

It was also good to meet interesting course mates and learn about how the massage was going to enhance their lives. We were also able to try out various treatments like accupuncture, reiki, reflexology and sports therapy. It sure was an educational course!

As I tailor make yoga sessions for students, this course has helped me a great deal to incorporate massage techniques in order to help my students even further. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in any kind of massage as it would most certainly enhance their knowledge and be a very important aid in helping people as this is the true aim of alternative medicine.
Thank you so much.