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Tuina Course Testimonials

Here are testimonial statements from tuina course students in their own words. Most have either used tuina in established careers, or have gone on to build their own practices.

What others say about the tuina training

Michael McGonagle - Tui Na course 1999
...just to say a quick hello from ireland its been too long since i said hello(2011). i am well and happy and all in all before the recession i had my own clinic and managed in over 5 yrs to treat over 1500 clients. Thank you maria and all the family for the time i spent studying and training and for all the free treatment you and the family gave me to get me on my feet again.

i still practice and normally get a few clients each week. i also have a driving job so luckily for me dont depend on the income i get doing tuina. its changed times and im gratefull to you i can still earn from doing tui na chinese massage. maria, you are an angel to me and i think of you and the family often. lots of love and respect for now maria, regards michael xx