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Tuina Course Testimonials

Here are testimonial statements from tuina course students in their own words. Most have either used tuina in established careers, or have gone on to build their own practices.

What others say about the tuina training

Tui Na Chinese Massage on the BackTony Wright Bsc 2001 - 2005
Several years ago I attended both the Foundation and Master Practitioner Tuina courses at the Bodyharmonics centre in Cheltenham. My interest in Tuina started when I had some treatment for a back problem. I really did not know what to expect.

From day one of the course, taught by Maria, Trevor and Graham Mercati, I was captivated by the knowledge, skill and love of their work. The training was intense and a lot was expected of students - mainly to work very hard and learn. The first time Maria demonstrated a technique on me I knew I was in the right school.

You have to feel the Tuina that is taught at Bodyharmonics. Language will not describe its unique flavour. Since having a successful practise for the past few years I have experienced other massage systems including Tuina practitioners trained elsewhere. None so far have had this unique approach to Tuina, an approach my clients come back for again and again (even when they are better). I am working hard to develop and maintain the very high standards that I was taught. Long may the Mercati family continue to teach this very special work.