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The Bodyharmonics Oriental Medical Clinic in Cheltenham, a Centre for a  Healthier, Pain & Drug-free Life, was founded by Maria Mercati in 1992.

Maria Mercati, together with her son Graham, offer four of the world's most ancient and powerful therapies - Chinese acupuncture and Chinese massage, Thai and Indonesian massage. They now treat from home and not the town clinic.

Owner and founder Maria Mercati is the leading exponent of these in the West and recommends treatment for the whole family to strengthen and balance the body's intrinsic energies.

"China in her hands" Daily Mail - July 1995 "Ancient massage that will rock and roll away your pain!" by Jane Alexandra

picture of Maria Mercati standing in front of the shop herb rack

Treatment philosophy at the BODYHARMONICS Clinic:

Pain free, good health - both physical and emotional - is the result of a perfectly balanced Qi (energy) system. Sickness and pain are the result of any disturbance of this balance.

Treatment is designed to maintain and, when necessary, restore the normal flow of Qi within our bodies. With a unique and sophisticated system of diagnosis, the whole person is treated, not its component parts, which are the focus of attention for Western medical practitioners.

Oriental Medicine treats all conditions that osteopaths,chiropracters & physiotherapists treat in the West as well as many others.

Massage, together with manipulation of the spine and joints has been a fundamental part of traditional oriental medicine for thousands of years with each culture developing its own style of treatment.

For further details contact the BODYHARMONICS Clinic - tel: 01242 582168, or pay us a visit. We are easily accessible from all the major UK cities and airports.

chart of Centre for a healthier, pain free and drug free life offering acupuncture, Chinese tui na, Indonesian and Thai massage. Cheltenham 01242 582168