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Herbs and treatment with traditional Chinese medicine

picture of Herb treatment with Doctor Zhao at the BODYHARMONICS ClinicAre you feeling unwell or are suffering from pain, then why not try an alternative to NHS treatment? Chinese herb treatments offer a solution to patients whose conditions respond poorly to drugs.

BODYHARMONICS Clinic can offer you herb treatments which are the very best available in the Western world today.

"What conditions are responsive to herbs?"

The BODYHARMONICS Clinic can offer Chinese herb treatments as a "Traditional Chinese Medicine" in their own right.

Herbs can be used very effectively to tackle a wide range of emotional and psychological type problems such as depression and anger.

Treatment prices according to condition and quantity
Chinese herbal pills £8.00 - £10.00

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To benefit from this traditional Chinese herb treatment, please call 01242 582168 or send us a communication via our contact form. You'll soon be feeling healthier!